Access to an Interpreter

Some calls we get are for urgent situations, others are for appointments weeks or months in advance.

24-hour dispatch

Please be prepared to give the dispatcher the following information:

  • your name and contact information; the organization you represent
  • the language you require
  • the nature of the appointment (e.g. telephone work, a court date or physiotherapy)
  • the date, time, location and expected duration of the assignment
  • the name of your client
  • who the interpreter should report to upon arrival

Our dispatcher will give you a assignment ID number. Please record this number as it is used to access all information about your request. You will need this number if you need to cancel or change your request in any way.

The dispatcher will match your request with an interpreter. You will receive a call back to confirm the appointment and to tell you the name of the interpreter who has been assigned. We do not accept requests for particular individuals.

When the interpreter completes the assignment, they will ask for a signature on an invoice which NSIS will submit to your finance department.

For more information, please call our business office at (902) 425-6604.